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This was pretty great man. I always dreaded going to church growing up. Happy all of that stopped before I was 10.

I love Watchmen, this has to be the greatest parody of all time.

You get a perfect score just for including Time Splitters 4 in the video.

WooleyWorld responds:

People need to realize that Timesplitters 4 will happen if we just believe...

edit: Stalked your audio... I dig it.

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Really cool Rock Paper Scissors game. I love the animations, reminds me of the old flash games I use to play. Only gripe is that it needs more characters.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah more character would be neat

Really great game and fun puzzles. I do have a few problems with it though. Its missing music I imagine elevator type of music. Also the main menus could use some work. Other than that its a great puzzle game very fun and get challenging at a perfect pace. Great job.

If this was on the DS I would buy it

And thats saying alot since I rarely buy games on my DS

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This was actually pretty cool. I came into it not really knowing what to expect, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere you set. Not really sure if I would classify this under hip-hop or something else entirely. I do agree with Issac and think you could do this better.

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks for the critique Glitch; I very much appreciate it.

It awesome to actually being able to hear you rap from time to time. Flow on point, lyrics on point, the beat was perfect, some of the lyrics made me smile out of the sheer genius (which is hard to do). Hope this means that I will be hearing many more tracks from you for now on, and if not just make sure everything you drop is a gem like this.

Sunraw responds:

I don't do shit anymore man. Don't expect anything from me ever lmao. Thanks for the nice review though, always appreciated. Glad you liked the lyrics, there's a lot of shit packed in there.

My n***a Phr0zen is back. I give this battle to Phr0zen and here is my break down.

Kwing Verse 1 - + Bringing up Phr0zen's history of being the worst. + Seizure line. Flow was solid as well.

Phr0zen Verse 1 - + I love the Christmas line, + horse shit line, ++ That metal head line. Flow was solid, really showed your alliteration skills as well.

Phr0zen Verse 2 - +/- Bringing up his reviews could have been stronger but you missed the punch. ++ For the star wars name flip I honestly had no idea + Massage diploma. Your flow started to fall off a bit here, I loved how strong you flowed on your first verse.

Kwing Verse 2 - +Like the fleece sweater panty hose line, + and the horse shit flip. Other than that I couldn't understand parts of your verse because of your quality, or maybe my ears are just shit now. Liked the passion, but the aggression to me is uncalled for in this sort of battle, because it makes it seem like Phr0zen was under your skin.

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I'm really digging the style I love demakes/fan games. I hope you finish it eventually.

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man, yeah, maybe someday.

So much awesome in this.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

This art pleases me as well.

Bender is one of my favorite character of all time so many props to you for making something so awesome and amazing. How tall is it?

Silverbullit responds:

Ha ha, yeah right on mate, he is probably one of the absolutely most awesome characters ever. And I am extremely relieved to get such high praise and overwhelmingly kind response for my irl interpretation of Bender.
Well glitchs2d,
Without antenna Bender is 184cm
And with antenna he is an impressive 198cm
(Btw, his antenna is made from a strong chromed spring so it makes a funny boing when you snap it. For some reason there is not a soul on this planet that can resist approaching Bender and boinging his antenna at the first opportunity availible.)
About the height I actually had to put a lot of thought in to that one.
He is smaller in the show relative to my interpretation.
But the upscaling poses a big problem for the real life encounter experience if Bender is not at eye level and forcing you to look down at him. I cant really say why this is but it just feels wrong. In the end I tweaked him to the height where you meet his eyes most naturally counted from the globally medium height of 172,2cm. Remember he has a lot above the eyes if you include the antenna. And in the end i figured his length was the most natural I could gather.
I hope that is a comprehensive answer on his height and how I decided on tweaking the scale. :)

I'm a musician, producer, and a hobbyist game programmer.

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