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Check Out The First Trailer For Our New Game

Posted by glitchs2d - October 5th, 2015

I know I have been hyping this for a while, but the time has finally arrived we have released the trailer for the upcoming game "Eden Blue". The journey has been long, and the ride not as smooth as I'd hope, but it all has been worth it. Before I show the video I feel obligated to explain what Eden is for those that may have not been following my post.

What is Eden Blue?


Eden Blue is what @CartoonCoffee and I like to call a fighting-adventure game. We choose this name over action-adventure for one reason. Combat. The combat in Eden Blue is not like your typical action adventure game, where you just spam the attack button at a group of bad guys until they die, but at the same time it does not have the rigidness of a Ninja Gaiden. Instead, we choose to create a very loose combo system, that would give the player full control of their character, allowing them to react to any sudden changes in the battlefield. Now you may say "That sounds cool, but where are the fighting game elements"?  At the moment I cannot get into too much detail, but I can say elements such as; Zoning, Wiring, Sweeps, Cross Ups, Punishes, Juggling, Directional Input, Attack Cancels, and Jump Cancels all make an appearance in this game, and that is just the start of it all. The combat system also features a custom physics engine, which takes each enemy types weight into account when it comes to juggling, pushback, and wall bouncing. This does not even take into account the maneuverability of the character in the game, but I feel like I have already talked your ear off and built up the hype, so instead I will let the video speak for itself.



How you can help


Now after watching that trailer you may say to yourself "Wow that game looks awesome I can't wait to play it and kick some ass." Well, you are going to need to slow down a little bit there, the game is still a ways off, and development is slow, because we both work our jobs and only develop Eden Blue in our spare time. Though, this is where we can help each other out. For only $20 you will get beta access to Eden Blue once we are ready to show it off to the world, and any future beta builds we will release before the final game is out. Now for those of you out there who don't have much money to spare, such as myself, can still contribute monetarily to the game, any amount helps. If you are really broke, there are a few other ways you can help. Like and share The Eden Blue Twitter Page, The Facebook Page, The Instagram Page, The IndieDB Page, and most importantly The Eden Blue Website. This will all help out enormously. But that right there is only the start of it. Show off the Eden trailer to your friends, write a blog about it, and create forum topics about why you are so hyped for this game. If I see that kind of effort from the fans I may just give out a few beta access and copies of the game (but don't tell @CartoonCoffee). Last but not least, I just want to say that I love you guys to death, and I really want to give a huge thanks to @bomtoons and @darqtimmy whose updates kept me motivated and made me realize that I could do this, I just have to believe in myself. P.S. that is @sirundead in the trailer, one of the coolest dudes on the planet.


Comments (3)

NO UR COOL. For real, I know I said it before but knowing that you know fighting game stuff is gonna be a huge asset to the game's funability. Funability. Yep.

Your hard work is greatly appreciated, and I personally really do think Eden has a lot of potential to be a big deal.

By the way, GG on that Vita thread. I would have never thought of it, but yeah I guess Vita owners are like "Man, if we had some like, games for this thing, that'd be really neato."

Keep it up amigo! I'll see you on "the other side".

Thanks. Yea Vita owners are a pretty hard core audience thirsting for games, so I knew if I couldn't get a positive reaction from them we needed to go to the drawing board.

@glitchs2d - Thanks for the mention and your game looks great. Excited to see where it goes and track the progress. Best of luck!


No problem, your updates really inspired me.

Good luck dude, glad my journey could be of some help!